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Current activities at Comedor Madre Emilia Gamelin, a Ministry of Social Action of Bernard Morin Province

Comedor Madre Emilia Gamelin has maintained its historical purpose of serving lunches to the homeless, with an average attendance of 200 brothers and sisters on weekdays. Currently, 10% of people served are immigrants from Venezuela, Haiti, Peru, Bolivia or Argentina.

In addition to serving food, Comedor weekly delivers clothing and blankets to the brothers and sisters who need them. They also conduct other periodic initiatives, such as the distribution of documents and assist in the vaccination winter campaign, together with various public and private entities.

Our Sister Ana Maria Montenegro is responsible for those who work for the Ministry of Social Action. She is constantly present helping and accompanying all those in need.

Comedor counts on the important help and support of volunteers, so essential to continuous operation of this great work. Providence Associates are also present as daily volunteers and every year they organize the traditional Table of the King for Christmas.

Moreover, the work benefits of the collaboration of Father Sergio Nazar with the ministry of rehabilitation for the homeless, and of MOVILIZA, an organization that seeks employment for those living in situations of marginality.

Remodeling and improvement

The project was in great need of structural and remodeling improvements. The Reserved Fund for the Sisters of Providence Ministries in Developing Countries, blessed us by funding this renewal project in November of 2017.

The renovations included the expansion of the dining room, the improvement of the courtyard, the creation of a wider kitchen, the remodeling of restrooms, and the refurbishment of storage rooms for food, clothing and blankets.

We express our gratitude to Providence and the Reserved Fund for making possible the remodeling of this space, for those in need, and for helping us to live out our charism of compassionate charity and solidarity with the poor.


*In the first picture: Sister Ana María Montenegro, helped by some volunteers  serves the daily meal at the Comedor Emilia Gamelin, Santiago.