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Providence Associates (PA) Meeting Port-au-Prince, Haiti

What a joyful reunion the Providence Associates of the Port-au-Prince group had on Saturday, July 27, when they met to wish each other and everyone happy summer holidays.

Sister Juedie Elismat, current liaison sister for the group, expressed great pride during her recent visit to Montreal, for she believes the PAs are very generous persons who are prone to bring relief to the poor. The members of her group also visit hospital patients, as well as prisoners; like a salve for the wounds, they bring comfort to these suffering people who are very often forgotten by society. Moreover, Sister Juedie sees in the members of her group a considerable potential to do great realisations for the benefit of the poor, following the example of our foundress, Emilie Gamelin.

Sister Juedie summarized the meeting for us in these words, “We spent a wonderful time together, as the Providence Friends and Providence Associates were delighted to meet once again. In addition, we benefited from the presence of a priest, a prison chaplain, who came especially to celebrate Mass for us. We had a feast and shared our good wishes for next season. ”

Providence of God, be forever blessed, loved and thanked.