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Schools from Bernarda Morin Province

The Sisters of Providence of Bernarda Morin Province are responsible for very beautiful and diverse works. One of these is the education of children and teenagers in several Chilean cities. The following are a few year-end activities carried out in Sisters’ schools:

Sagrados Corazones (Sacred Heart) School in La Serena

The Sagrados Corazones school team thanks the Lord for all the blessings received in the past year and wishes to share with us some of the celebrations that marked the end of the 2019 school year.

Eucharists – End of the 2019 school year

Our educational community concluded the 2019 school year by carrying out various Eucharistic activities: On December 5 the children of the kindergarten participated in a moving liturgy accompanied by their parents and received souvenirs from the day care personnel which were blessed by our chaplain,  Alex Pizarro.

In a beautiful Eucharist on the same day, the 8th grade students thanked God for their elementary education experience in the company of their parents. (Photos)

Finally, on December 6, the Sacred Heart School community participated in the First Friday Mass as an expression of gratitude to our Provident God for all the blessings received during the year 2019.

Communications – Sagrados Corazones School in La Serena

Providence School in La Serena

Pastoral gathering to conclude the year

On December 16, all school personnel gathered together for a day of reflection and community meeting organized by the Pastoral Department organized by Sister Monica Campillay and Francisco Cerda.

The main objective of this activity was to invite the community to reflect, as Christmas was nearing, on the meaning of love, hope and family. Various activities provided opportunities to share feelings, personal experiences and gratitude in connection with the work of all the personnel working at the School.

After an open-air Mass, the gathering ended with an affectionate and entertaining exchange of gifts.

Communications – Providencia School in La Serena

Providence School in Ovalle

Graduation ceremonies conclude the school year

Countless emotions marked the last 2019 activities in our school. More than two hundred students successfully completed their school cycle and received their diplomas, plus those who finished their primary cycle and will move to the intermediate cycle.

The official closing ceremony was held on the covered terrace of the school.  The event included the management team, teachers, educational assistants, special guests and parents and guardians.

The solemn gathering began with a liturgy celebrated by Father Jorge Arancibia. He emphasized that the students’ formation needs to bear the seal of Providence and he invited them to live in community and to contribute to building a better society where dignity, common good and social justice will prevail.

The liturgy for the 8th grade students was held in the chapel and was celebrated by Father Juan Carlos Godoy. The graduation ceremony also took place in the school chapel in the presence of their parents and guardians.

Communications – Providencia School in Ovalle

Santa Teresita High School in Llolleo

Recognizing outstanding students in 2019

On December 12, in Llolleo at Santa Teresita School, we recognized the students who had achieved outstanding academic results and had demonstrated personal values.  We also recognized parental involvement as a key element in the success of our students.

After the opening remarks, the ceremony continued with a prayer led by the pastoral team. Their message dealt with justice and peace in our country, an appropriate focus in these times of great confusion, but also of strong unity and hope in God’s Providence.

Alejandro Pereira, the director of Santa Teresita School, addressed those present at the opening of the awards ceremony. Participating in a creative act were students of the dance workshop and those of the fourth grade who performed Christmas carols.

As a community, we are grateful for the blessings received this year and for the success achieved by our students.

Communications – Santa Teresita High School

San José School

We presented Christmas gifts to the children in Roberto del Rio Hospital

In the season of Christmas, we wanted to do something in the spirit of Christmas. So, we conducted a campaign to raise money in order to give gifts to the children of Roberto del Rio Hospital. It was a beautiful experience to share these gifts with much tenderness with the children and their parents, in order to provide some joy to those who are living through difficult times.

The visit was carried out Thursday, December 19, by the pastoral team and the teachers of the school. We visited the children who were hospitalized in General Pediatrics A – B, plastic surgery and burns.

We thank all who assisted in this activity, the parents and guardians, the students and the school staff for their generous participation in this Christmas activity. May God bless you all!

Communications – San José School

Providence School in Linares

Members of the educational community received the Sacrament of Confirmation

Friday, December 20, a group of students, parents and educational assistants of our school received the Sacrament of Confirmation, reaffirming their faith and pledging to continue living the values and the light of the gospel. This followed two years of preparation by the school’s religion teacher, Bárbara Barros.

The ceremony took place in the parish of Carmen with the Bishop of Linares, Mgr. Tomislav Koljatic Maroevic, presiding.

To celebrate Christmas, the school also prepared a caroling session and a novena that ended on December 20 with the Liturgy of the Eucharist, at which time we welcomed with joy the baby Jesus in the manger. In the spirit of the Feast, the school distributed food and diapers were to needy families.

Communications – Providencia School in Linares

We thank the Communications Office of Bernarda Morin Province for their  valuable collaboration.