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Life at Émilie-Gamelin School, in Torbeck, Haiti

We have a thousand reasons to give thanks to God for all that we have received from above. Due to the difficult time Haiti went through during the last months of 2019, we were not sure if we could continue at Émilie-Gamelin School, especially because of the social unrest caused by the scarcity and high cost of fuel, the high cost of living, insecurity issues and everything in between.

We placed our trust in our Provident God, praying that our children would be able to continue attending school and have a successful year. After a 15-day shutdown, while being vigilant, we decided to continue operating and the parents’ committee supported us. With their help and the motivation of teachers, who did not want the children to be the innocent victims of this situation, we all worked until the notebooks and bulletins were finally delivered on Monday, December 23, 2019.

The year had not started well, the future seemed uncertain, but everything ended with a flourish. On that Monday, December 23, the children brought to a close this first period by presenting a mini show to the parents and school staff.

From the first-year preschool children to the third-year elementary students, the children presented poetry, songs and dance to name just a few of the activities.

The show was hosted by Sister Jude Merline Bernard. At the end of the show a third-year student offered Christmas greetings to the parents on behalf of the whole school. The parents welcomed and appreciated the talents of their sons and daughters. Following the beautiful presentation, we distributed the notebooks to the parents and the children received small gifts from the local community of Sainte-Véronique; Sister Nathalie Jean Philippe impersonated Santa Claus and distributed the gifts to the children.

We are not fully satisfied with the students’ results, but we need to take into account the reality of the country, and in addition, we have had to work with several children who did not achieve the passing grade required by the school.

The passing grade is 6. Children who scored lower than 6 need some remedial work if they are to again succeed before it is too late. Other than the children’s results, we are satisfied with the collaboration of the staff of Émilie-Gamelin School. We express particular gratitude to the Sisters of Sainte-Véronique for the quality of their presence.  As a young institution, we have many challenges to meet.  However, with mutual support and especially the support of the entire Congregation of the Sisters of Providence, assisting us in order to help us realize our goal: “Together for a quality education.”

We wish to thank the entire Congregation, the members of the provincial and general leadership teams for their sustained attention to Émilie-Gamelin School. We thank all the Sisters who, in one way or another, help the work move forward and make the presence of the Sisters more visible in Haiti.

Mèsi anpil, anpil (thank you very, very much). May the Triune and Provident God continue to keep us under divine protection so that our love and passion for the Providence Mission may grow day by day in the world.

“Providence of God, we thank you for all.”

Eugena Nogaüs, SP