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September 27 – Feast of St. Vincent de Paul, Patron Saint of the Institute

The day after the death of Blessed Mother Gamelin, on September 24, 1851, Bishop Ignace Bourget offered a eulogy for the Sisters of the Congregation, an excerpt of which is reproduced below:

“[…] It also seemed to me that your respected Mother was animated by a tender devotion to St. Vincent de Paul, whom Providence has given to you as a Father.  It was to her, as you know, that God gave the grace to discover the treasure of the Rules, which this great Saint gave to his daughters of charity.  I have often noticed that she was deeply touched by the name of St. Vincent alone. Having loved him tenderly and faithfully served him, she had wished to be united to him as much as possible after her death.  For she had testified three or four years before her death the desire to be buried in his chapel, and it is there that her remains rest in peace.  It is there, too, at the beloved tomb that you will go to be imbued with a devotion that I hope will grow among you.  May it penetrate you forever with the spirit of charity which should in all centuries, characterize the true daughters of St. Vincent.”

Cf. :  Eulogy of the foundress, by Mgr Ignace Bourget, the day after her death, September 24, 1851.

Orig. Archives of the Chancery of Montréal – 525.106/P.15*

N.B.  The spelling of the time is respected.

Sister Yvette Demers, SP

Vice Postulator of the Emilie Gamelin Cause