Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle

Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle held its biannual meeting in Ottawa on 19 and 20 October 2018. The meeting included a guided retreat session, whereby members discussed, reflected and prayed on the mission, identity and purpose of the Circle.   The members reiterated and reconfirmed the  Mission  Statement and  the  core purposes  of  the  Circle, agreeing […]

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Everything is Providence: Arrival of the Sisters of Providence in Chile

Vénérance Morin was born on December 29, 1832, in Saint-Henri-de-Lauzon (now Sant-Henri-de-Lévis), province of Quebec, Canada. As it is often the case, it is necessary to take a step back to appreciate the profound meaning of the events of the moment and the impact that these acquire with time. As Vénérance, once she became Mother […]

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Let Us Pay Tribute to Sister Linda Jo Reynolds, SP

  Her life handed over to the Savior as a true Sister of Providence touched many hearts… This unique woman was loved, joyful, decisive, intelligent, prepared, and dedicated. A true religious, she was able to recognize the greatness in those suffering the most from poverty.       We invite you to read an autobiography […]

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First Religious Profession for the Sisters of Providence

“As of March 29, 1844, seven novices made their religious profession, the first in the new Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Providence. On the following day, March 30, the same sisters gathered in a room at the Asile of Providence in order to elect their ‘officers’. Sister Emilie Gamelin was elected by a […]

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A little bit of history: The marriage contract between Emilie and Jean-Baptiste

Once the civil formalities were fulfilled, the intending spouses and witnesses left François’ house and went to Notre-Dame church, where the Émilie’s confessor, Father Jean-Baptiste Bréguier known as St-Pierre, PSS, welcomed them in the presence of the parish priest, Father Le Saulnier, PSS. The marriage took place in the evening. At that time, Mass was […]

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When Approaching the 175th Anniversary of Foundation

Did you know that? In the spring of 1838, Madame Gamelin was exhausted by her work with the elderly and the visits to prisoners and she became seriously ill. Her physicians diagnosed she suffered from typhoid fever; most thought her last hour had come and she received the last rites. On March 2, 1838, she […]

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Following Jesus and Emilie

“I was in prison and you came to me!” In recent years, towards the end of the month of October, some of us Sisters of Providence (who are volunteers to the Leclerc Detention Facility in Laval and before that the Tanguay Prison), take advantage of the customary generosity of our companion Sisters of Providence of […]

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