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First Religious Profession for the Sisters of Providence

175 Years of Blessings - History of the Congregation

“As of March 29, 1844, seven novices made their religious profession, the first in the new Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Providence.

On the following day, March 30, the same sisters gathered in a room at the Asile of Providence in order to elect their ‘officers’. Sister Emilie Gamelin was elected by a unanimous vote to the position of superior.  She held this position until her premature death during the cholera epidemic, on September 23, 1851. The other religious who were elected on this occasion were: Sister Madeleine Durand, Assistant, Sister Emilie Caron, Treasurer, and Sister Marguerite Thibodeau, Master of Novices.”

Marie-Claude Béland, Providence Archives, Montreal

Ref.: Admission and 1840-1858 Council deliberation register, leaf 05