Our Values

“As long as we hold on to these three strong roots: humility, simplicity, charity, our small Institute will live on …”[1]

Blessed Emilie TavernierGamelin

By keeping these three values at the center of our lives, the spirit of Mother Gamelin remains with us. Having our hearts set on these values allows us to remain focused on the essentials, on what gives meaning to our lives, to the life of the Congregation and to the lives of those whom we serve.

Naturally, cultivating any virtue requires God’s grace AND human commitment. God is always present in our life, prompting us and never leaving us alone. Our commitment is expressed through our ability to make choices and decisions that are in harmony with the three fundamental values to which we adhere.

[1] As reported by Sister Rose-de-Marie Tessier in Vie de Mère Gamelin, Fondatrice et Première Supérieure des Sœurs de la Charité de la Providence, written by a Religious from her Institute. Montreal, Eusèbe Sénécal, 1900. p. 241.



Humility allows us to recognize that everything is given to us as a gift from God. Through humility, we can live with confidence and abandonment; we can reach out to others with an open heart, without judgment. Emilie Gamelin is an example of humility. Though she had some financial security, she insisted on opening her door to the needy and treated them with the same dignity as those who were better-off.



Simplicity is lived in two ways. First, you can speak simply, without complicating or obscuring things. Secondly, you can behave simply, without superficiality. It is easier to approach a person who behaves simply; that’s how Emilie Gamelin was accepted by all.


The presence of God and the love we have for God find their expression in generous and unconditional relationships with our neighbors. God’s loving presence arouses in us a desire to collaborate in the well-being of all. Through this virtue of charity, we are able to live in continuous service, seeking the good of those we serve.