Our Sisters in Haiti

It is from the heart of the International Gathering of Sisters in Initial Formation and Formators in Ongoing Formation that we lived the impact of the tragic death of the President of the Republic of Haiti last July 7. In this Gathering, I am aware of the formation that I receive every day, living with […]

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Connecting with Creation

“Ever since Sister Sue Orlowski was a little girl growing up in Massachusetts, she has been fascinated by the natural world. She recalls being one of those kids who pestered her mother with questions about the birds, insects, animals and plants she encountered in the backyard and at the city parks. Even as a young […]

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Providence Spirituality

Sunday Reflection August 01, 2021 – The Gospel According to John 6: 24-35 Reflection: The beginning of Chapter 6 of John’s Gospel tells us this about Jesus: that “a large crowd followed him because they saw the signs he was performing for the sick.” A few verses later, the passage includes the multiplication of the loaves […]

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June 9 – International Archives Day

“In 2007, the International Council on Archives formalized June 9 as International Archives Day. The Congregation of the Sisters of Providence has always considered their archives to be very important in perpetuating their Charism and Mission. As proof, we quote chapter 52 of the first printed Rules of the Community, in 1858: ‘There shall be in […]

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Pentecost 2021 – Message from Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle

Send forth your spirit and renew the face of the Earth (Ps. 104) Greetings and blessings on the Feast of Pentecost, As Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle, focused on the work of reconciliation between Indigenous and all Canadians, we want to renew and celebrate the Spirit of Pentecost. Still relatively new as a coalition we […]

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Émilie Gamelin and the prisoners

Blessed Emilie Tavernier-Gamelin visited many Patriots in the Pied-du-Courant prison in Montreal, hence her nickname of “Angel of the Political Prisoners”. She brought them food, spiritual comfort, and often secretly sent correspondence to their families and friends. Was it Emilie who sent this letter? This original document, preserved in the archives of the Community, was […]

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Providence Associates from Caleta Olivia and the Pandemic

The Providence Associates of Caleta Olivia, Santa Cruz, Argentina, want to reach out to you and tell you how we are managing during these pandemic times. First of all, we thank our Provident God because we, the Associates are mostly well, even though there have been some positive cases of COVID-19 among our families. We […]

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle – Statement on Including UNDRIP in Canadian Law

Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle appreciates the government’s action in introducing a bill to include the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) in Canadian law. We recognize this as an important step towards a framework for working together with Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle is a Catholic coalition of Indigenous […]

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In Emilie’s footsteps

I remember my first Christmas party celebrated in the community of Saint Veronique: there was an exchange of gifts, as we do every year, and I asked the person who had drawn my name not to buy me a gift, but rather to give me some money to make a small gift to some prisoners. […]

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Bernarda Morin Center Bulletin

A new printed issue of the traditional Bulletin of the Bernarda Morin Centre began to be distributed in March in the Bernarda Morin Province and its works (Chile and Argentina). Since its beginning in 1996, its objective has been to make known the life and work of our foundress in Chile, Mother Bernarda Morin, a […]

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