Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC)

What is the JPIC International Movement?

The Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation movement emerged from the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965): “The council, … regards it as most opportune that an organism of the universal Church be set up in order that both the justice and love of Christ toward the poor might be developed everywhere. The role of such an organism would be to stimulate the Catholic community to promote progress in needy regions and international social justice.” Gaudium et Spes  90

Today, the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace exists and its fields of action are, among others, social justice, development, financial ethics, environment, peace, human rights, and the commitment of Christians in politics. From this wide range of fields of action, religious communities choose accordingly to their mission.

Recently, in 2015, Pope Francis published  Laudato Si’ , in which the principle of environmental, economic and social ecology was reiterated, mentioning the importance of a “an integrated approach to combating poverty, restoring dignity to the excluded, and at the same time protecting nature.” (LS 139)

Enduring Relevance of the Sisters of Providence Mission

As Sisters of Providence, the love of Christ urges us to proclaim God’s providential love by choosing to work for the respect of the integrity of the life of all creation. If we analyze our Providence Mission, we consider it our responsibility to demand justice and peace for the poorest. We proclaim Providence as the loving presence of God, watchful over the created universe, attentive to the needs of all, active in us and through us.

Our Mission seems even more relevant to us “in the present condition of global society, where injustices abound and growing numbers of people are deprived of basic human rights and considered expendable, the principle of the common good immediately becomes …. a summons to solidarity and a preferential option for the poorest of our brothers and sisters.” (LS 158)

Concretely Involved for Years

Since its beginning, the Congregation has been caring for the multiple needs of the poor. At the Providence International Centre (PIC), we offer a service of references to support our sisters in the spirit of the JPIC movement. The sisters in the field take concrete actions and Providence International Centre serves as the center where the sisters can find information about the social, environment-related and political issues of the various ministries. We offer to our sisters and the Providence Associates:


  1. The opportunity to better understand the realities of life at these levels:

  2. The opportunity to collaborate actively with each other, with other religious communities and with various groups and organizations working for peace and justice World March of Women
  3. The opportunity to articulate our responses as a congregation, both between sisters and with Providence Associates
Examples and Concrete Results

We are involved in issues of different complexities. Click on Works & Ministries to see the various needs we discover among the people, in their reality and their environment.