Search Requests

Terms for search requests are detailed in the document: Providence Archives, Montreal: Policy for Document Consultation and Costs of Services.

For any document query, for authorization to use or publish, or to inquire about how to carry out a search, please complete our online form or print it and send it by mail to:

Providence Archives – Providence International Centre
12055 Grenet Street
Montreal, Quebec

Other Archives Offices

Chile and Argentina

Sorry, Archives are under reorganization at the moment.


Eastern Canada and USA, Haiti, Egypt and Cameroon

At the Motherhouse in Montreal, there is an Archives service which is independent from the Providence International Centre. Therein is kept everything related to the sisters’ ministries in Africa, Haiti, and eastern Canada and USA since 2005. For further information, please contact  Sister Monique Beaulieu, Provincial Councillor-Secretary of Émilie-Gamelin Province.


Western Canada

Records concerning the activities of the Sisters of Providence in Western Canada are administered from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For further information, please contact Diane Lamoureux, archivist.


Western USA

The Sisters of Providence have been managing a large archive service in Seattle, Washington, USA that documents the ministries of the Sisters of Providence in the Western USA and El Salvador since they were established. For any query regarding these areas, you can reach them via their  website .