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Feast of Our Mother of Sorrows – September 15

Our Mother of Sorrows
Patron saint of the Sisters of Providence
On the occasion of the feast of Our Mother of Sorrows also the patron saint of the Sisters of Our Lady of Seven Dolors, it is in a spirit of union and affection that we share these retreat notes of Blessed Emilie Gamelin, especially chosen by Sister Yvette Demers, Vice-Postulator of the Emilie Gamelin Cause, to mark this important date in the calendar of the entire Providence Family.

“I reflected on the sacrifices which Providence has arranged for me in the different states of my life, above all the death of my husband which caused me to renounce the world. And under the direction of M. St. Pierre, priest of the seminary, he led me as if by the hand to work for the poor… All that caused me to arrive at what the good God willed for me… to work in a particular way to love Mary. M. St-Pierre gave me a present of a framed picture of Our Lady of Seven Dolors, and every day I had a particular devotion to invoke her; I asked her for the courage to bear, after her example, the crosses and sacrifices that the good God sent me… The greatest at that time was a cherished husband and children whom I grieved for every day… I found solace only by meditating on her sorrows, and I sought my consolation before this engraving.” Cf. Retreat notes of Mother Gamelin, 1850, 1st day. P. 56.

“I promised Our Lady of Seven Dolors to place my day and my duties under her protection. I will ask her each day that she inspire me and tell me what I have to do, and in the evening I will go to her to render an account of all my actions.” Retreat Notes of Mother Emilie Gamelin, 1849, 8nd day, p. 54.

Yvette Demers, SP

Vice-Postulator of the Emilie Gamelin Cause