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Providence Associates from Caleta Olivia and the Pandemic

The Providence Associates of Caleta Olivia, Santa Cruz, Argentina, want to reach out to you and tell you how we are managing during these pandemic times.

First of all, we thank our Provident God because we, the Associates are mostly well, even though there have been some positive cases of COVID-19 among our families.

We also thank Our Mother of Sorrows, and the intercession of Mother Emilie, Mother Bernarda, and Mother Joseph, because through technology and different social networks, the people of God remain united. We agreed to say the Seven Dolor beads, record messages and share our various home altars. This has helped us to feel closer and more attentive to each other’s needs. Everyone’s collaboration was required to help the parish in the distribution of food to the many families who, because of this virus, lost their jobs.

With trust in God and filled with the Charism that keeps us united, we always seek to respond to the persons who are most in need, sometimes we go alone, and sometimes in the company of different groups that join in a mission of solidarity. Another surprising thing is the reinvention of the rites and the exploration of virtual spirituality. To such an extent, that recently, through the Zoom platform, we found ourselves in a meeting with the Associates of Chile.  We, participated in a mini retreat that we felt was like a caress for the soul, and we are infinitely grateful.

During September, our group celebrated and shared the triduum to Our Mother of Sorrows. In addition, the Blessed Mother covered us with her mantle so that we could enter some homes where we have very elderly associates, or associates with health problems, and pray together with them the Seven Dolor Beads.

I would also like to tell you that, thanks to Elena, our faithful and consecrated servant, every time we arrive at our Providence House, we find everything in order and very clean, and the plants well cared for. In addition, I would like to transcribe below what Mary, an Associate stated: “Something that fills me with energy to start the day, is our Providence Associate Naty’s greeting; this is her current ministry. The first ring of the cell phone, the earliest one, is hers, wishing us all good morning. Very valuable service, given her age.”

Well, it only remains for us to greet you fraternally praying that God will bless you abundantly.

Providence Associates, Caleta Olivia, Argentina.