First Religious Profession for the Sisters of Providence

“As of March 29, 1844, seven novices made their religious profession, the first in the new Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Providence. On the following day, March 30, the same sisters gathered in a room at the Asile of Providence in order to elect their ‘officers’. Sister Emilie Gamelin was elected by a […]

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Mission trip to Guatemala, March 2018

In March, Sister Susanne Hartung, Mission Integration Officer for Shared Services, Providence St. Joseph Health, made a mission trip to Retalhuleu in Guatemala with Faith in Practice: Life Changing Medical Mission. On the first morning there, she shared a reflection on God’s healing love with the 49-member surgical team. “As we meet the patients and […]

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Providence Spirituality

The Good Shepherd Gives His Life…    During this year of 2018, we celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Congregation. In order to have a common tool of contemplation specific to our Congregation, we would like to present you reflections of the Sunday Gospels – April 22 by a Sister of Providence. Reflection The good […]

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When Approaching the 175th Anniversary of Foundation

Did you know that? In the spring of 1838, Madame Gamelin was exhausted by her work with the elderly and the visits to prisoners and she became seriously ill. Her physicians diagnosed she suffered from typhoid fever; most thought her last hour had come and she received the last rites. On March 2, 1838, she […]

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Following Jesus and Emilie

“I was in prison and you came to me!” In recent years, towards the end of the month of October, some of us Sisters of Providence (who are volunteers to the Leclerc Detention Facility in Laval and before that the Tanguay Prison), take advantage of the customary generosity of our companion Sisters of Providence of […]

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The Argentinian adventure

Being the human face of Providence means reaching out to others and leaving the comfort of our bubble. In the case of the missionary sisters, it also meant leaving their country, their language and their customs. We invited Sister Marcelle Deschênes (Antonine) to come talk to us about her missionary years in Argentina. She comes […]

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Appointments to the Positions of General Treasurer and General Secretary

The members of the General Leadership Team of the Sisters of Providence (2017-2022 term) are pleased to share the results of their discernment regarding the positions of general secretary and general treasurer. The discernment process for the new Team took place last October 27. In an atmosphere of prayer, reflection and dialogue, the elected General […]

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The work of teaching deaf girls

The work of teaching deaf girls began under the inspiration of Emilie Gamelin[1] (1851). First with a few students at a small school in Longue-Pointe (Montreal), the work was permanently established in a building on Saint-Denis Street in 1864. Even if sold in 1979, the building of the former Institution des Sourdes-Muettes (ISM, Institute for […]

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Nicole, now called Emilie

For years, I ministered at Hogar de Niños de la Providencia de San Vicente de Paul (foster care home) of Limache, Chile. This home welcomes girls and boys who, for various reasons, cannot live with their families and whose legal custody lies in the hands of the Chilean State. As Sisters of Providence, we watch […]

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The fruits of the 2017 General Chapter

Every five years, the Sisters of Providence of several countries meet for their General Chapter, a three-week meeting which purpose is to determine the Congregation’s orientations for the next five years. July 9-30, 2017, nearly a hundred sisters working in Canada, United States, El Salvador, Philippines, Chile, Haiti and Egypt gathered in Montreal, Quebec. They […]

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