Feast of Our Mother of Sorrows – September 15

“I reflected on the sacrifices which Providence has arranged for me in the different states of my life, above all the death of my husband which caused me to renounce the world. And under the direction of M. St. Pierre, priest of the seminary, he led me as if by the hand to work for […]

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The pandemic in Philippines: I see God at work in my life and in my family

The scare of COVID-19 pandemic exempts no one. During these strange moments, I have witnessed different individuals struggling with how to cope amidst the health crises. Economic activities drastically slow down; the busiest cities turned into ghost towns; there is sudden unemployment; many have panic buying, and many have feared for their health and safety. […]

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Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, As the country prepares to start up the economy after the long pause of confinement, this is an opportunity  for new beginnings , since it has been demonstrated that many can work together for the common good. The Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle encourages you to reclaim the cooperative  moment   of […]

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My Pandemic Experience

These days, I don’t hum the refrain of our Quebec folk song in the quite the same way: It is the oar that moves us forward, moves us forward rather it has become: It is the Covid-19 that moves us along, moves us along… Truly, I feel that I am being pulled along by it.   […]

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Sisters of Providence, Mother Joseph Province, Response to Racial Injustices

We are heartbroken by the recent senseless deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless other black lives taken by policing gone wrong and other racial violence. We also acknowledge the unimaginable pain of all our Black neighbors as they endure discrimination and harassment; wealth, health and housing inequities; and other denials of […]

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Reflection on the pandemic by a Providence Associate

“Why are you terrified? Do you not yet have faith?”  (Mark 4:40).  The pandemic in Caleta Olivia puts us in quarantine! The official campaign #”Don’t  Leave Home” forces us not to move from our homes. We can only go out for health reasons or to buy groceries, and we must keep a distance of one […]

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