Raoul Hunter. Sculptor Deceased+

He was the fifth of nine children of Mathieu Hunter and Philomène Chouinard, farmers from Saint-Cyrille-de-Lessard in the County of L’Islet, Province of Quebec. Young 11-year-old Raoul won a prize in a drawing competition of the Quebec City newspaper, Le Soleil. In 1949, after his classical course, he entered the Quebec City School of Fine […]

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Providence Flashes

Sister Marcia Gatica, SP, receives her BA degree in Social Psychology last October, in San Salvador, from a school within the UCA (University of Central America).  Sister Marcia shared with us her joy: “With sincere gratitude I thank all of you for your email greetings, letters, gifts and especially for your prayers. In addition, I […]

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St. Elizabeth of Hungary patron of the Sisters of Providence

St. Elizabeth, born in 1207, was the daughter of Andrew the Second, King of Hungary. She lived a joyful childhood and received a pious education in this country during four years until the death of her mother. They then engaged her with a German prince, Louis of Thuringia; at the castle to which she was […]

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle

Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle held its biannual meeting in Ottawa on 19 and 20 October 2018. The meeting included a guided retreat session, whereby members discussed, reflected and prayed on the mission, identity and purpose of the Circle.   The members reiterated and reconfirmed the  Mission  Statement and  the  core purposes  of  the  Circle, agreeing […]

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Everything is Providence: Arrival of the Sisters of Providence in Chile

Vénérance Morin was born on December 29, 1832, in Saint-Henri-de-Lauzon (now Sant-Henri-de-Lévis), province of Quebec, Canada. As it is often the case, it is necessary to take a step back to appreciate the profound meaning of the events of the moment and the impact that these acquire with time. As Vénérance, once she became Mother […]

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Let Us Pay Tribute to Sister Linda Jo Reynolds, SP

  Her life handed over to the Savior as a true Sister of Providence touched many hearts… This unique woman was loved, joyful, decisive, intelligent, prepared, and dedicated. A true religious, she was able to recognize the greatness in those suffering the most from poverty.       We invite you to read an autobiography […]

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